PADI Basic Freediver Course 

From $390 

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What is the basic course all about? 

In this course, you will learn the basics of freediving and begin to fall in love with a new and exciting sport.  During our interactive theory session, you’ll learn some of the physiology, the physics and the safety procedures involved in freediving. You will also learn the proper breathing techniques to help you relax and preserve your body’s oxygen stores for safer and more comfortable dives. After this one day course, you’ll be a basic freediver with the tools and motivation to take on a watery adventure in the big blue on the full level 1 freediver course! 


We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us!!

Why you should do this course 

Most people fear to hold their breath, being deep underwater, and going to a place where it is not possible to breathe. They believe that you need to be superfit, gifted or crazy to do it. Yet, the majority of people find they can hold their breath for over a minute in just one day, that they do not need to breathe underwater and that breath-hold is a pleasurable, meditative and even addictive experience.


Let us unlock your inner dolphin and give you the tools, knowledge and understanding to explore a new world and achieve things you never thought possible!  Whether you are a spearfisher wanting to improve your breath-hold, an ocean goer that wants to see more, a surfer wanting to gain confidence or just someone interested in the physiology of the mind/ body connection we tailor courses to suit your individual needs.

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What you'll need

  • A mask and snorkel 

  • Fins (long freediving fins are preferred but any fins will work)

  • A wetsuit

  • Weights and a weight belt

That's it! No lugging SCUBA cylinders and heavy gear! ​

  • Towel and Bathers are recommended 

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Day 1

This will consist of a classroom theory session where we will recap with some knowledge reviews and is a perfect time for some Q&A's.


After that, we will proceed to a specially designed Physiology and Static Breathhold Lab combined with a yoga session for freediving and pranayama.

The last half of the day will consist of a pool/ enclosed water session. This is where you will learn safety and buddy techniques, static and dynamic apnea training and proper diving techniques.

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What's next?

 If you find that you absolutely love freediving and you really want to get into it and take your experience in the pool out into the ocean. You can do just that! All you will have to do is pay the difference to upgrade to the level 1 course and jump on the next course available!  

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