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About Us

Perth Diving Academy (PDA) is one of Western Australia's better known scuba diving facilities. With over 40 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to draw on, PDA is the place you want to complete your diver training. First established in 1978 primarily to teach school students scuba diving, this fun and exciting activity proved to be one of the worlds fastest growing sports and the shop developed rapidly into one of Australia's largest dive store.

The emphasis at PDA has always been towards quality of instruction and service and in order to achieve these goals the company has built the most modern and complete training facilities in Australia. PDA offers a choice of two training outlets, Balcatta and Hillarys. Both facilities have indoor heated pools and classrooms for diver instruction.

Full retail sales and services are available for most brands of equipment from both the Hillarys and Balcatta facilities.

Both PDA retail sales areas are some of the busiest in Australia, hence the large stock holding.

The Balcatta store has a large range of equipment and a full service bay that caters to the servicing of equipment from divers and dive stores all over Perth.

The Hillarys Store is located on the northern side of the Hillarys Marina Complex alongside The Western Australian Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories. The close proximity to the beach and one of Perth’s busiest boat launching facilities make PDA Hillarys a popular location for divers, swimmers and other water sport enthusiasts. It is a vibrant store with long trading hours and a huge range of equipment, it is our busiest facility for equipment rental and  sells a fair bit as well!

PDA Hillarys owns and operates the surveyed dive charter vessel, Wildcat, a 12m dive vessel operating from the Hillarys Marina for single dives in the Marmion Marine Park.

PDA also offer Rottnest day diving tours aboard the 24m Lionfish IV departing from 8 Rous Head Road, North Fremantle, (Formerly Perth Diving Academy Fremantle).

Through our boats and in association with Diving Adventures we organised dive travel to many overseas and local destinations working hand in hand with the local operators.

Perth Diving Academy is currently the most recognized diver training organisation in Western Australia with over four decades of experience. We offer a complete range of hire equipment, dive travel, dive trips, retail sales and courses from entry level to instructor.