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Being Fit to Dive

Your continued health and well being are your most valuable assets.

PDA Diving HealthUnder current guidelines it is not necessary to complete a full diving medical unless you enter a positive answer on the Medical Self-assessment Questionnaire. 
The purpose of the Medical Self-assessment Questionnaire is to find out if you should be examined by a diving doctor before participating in recreational diver training.
A positive response to a question does not necessarily disqualify you from diving. A positive response means that there is a pre-existing condition that may affect your safety while diving and you must seek the advise of a diving physician prior to engaging in dive activities.
To ensure that you are in a fit and healthy state to undertake scuba diving, a diving medical should be obtained from a GP. 
Dive medicals in Australia follow both the Australian Standard and RSTC they are available from most GPs and surgeries. 
We strongly recommend that you attend one of the specialist diving medical centers unless you local Doctor is fully conversant with the provisions of the standards and practices involved in diving. 
Your medical examination through a specialist centre will be conducted in accordance with AS4005.1-2000 and will ensure, amongst other things, that you are able to adequately compensate your ears for changes in pressure. This is a vital function, which must be confirmed before commencing a scuba course.
Ring your preferred GP to check if they are able to complete the Diving medical to AS4005.1 in-house. There are a series of tests that the GP is required to complete and if they send you out to specialists then you may be charged by each specialist.
As a general rule if the GP asks you to bring in a form for them to fill out, they do not do many and will charge in excess of the GPs that do them on a daily basis.

Medically In-date

Your initial medical questionnaire must be undertaken within 90 days of your Open Water diving course. Once you have completed your Open Water training you should remain medically in-date for your diving and for any additional training. under current guidelines you will be required to complete a Medical Self-assessment Questionnaire each time you start a new course.
SSI Rescue
Australian Standards requests divers to have medicals

  •  every 5 years up to the age of 30,
  • every 3 years up to the age of 50
  • over 50 a medical must be taken annually.

Hyperbaric Medicine SPUMS

The South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS) arose out of informal discussions between two doctors in the cluttered shed which served as the Royal Australian Navy School of Underwater Medicine. They decided to create a medical society with a focus on matters significant to recreational divers. Being Australian, they opted to be both flippant and accurate and called it the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society. SPUMS was founded in the wardroom of HMAS Penguin on Monday, 03 March 1971.
SPUMS registered Doctors have completed a Diploma of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. The list below is taken from the SPUMS website and contains hyperlinks to information on the specific doctor.

Dr Fiona Sharp 08 9431 2233 FREMANTLE
Dr David M Rutherford 08 9336 6630 FREMANTLE
Dr Christopher Rynn 08 9321 7888 PERTH
Dr Goran Milan Pervan 08 9262 8600 MOUNT LAWLEY
Dr Andy Foote 08 9941 1169 CARNARVON
Dr Peter Louie 08 9337 7888 PERTH
Dr Lisa Surman 08 9486 4556 PERTH
Dr Jagoda Szkurlat 08 9582 7800 HALLS HEAD
Dr Michael N. Benson 08 9386 1858 NEDLANDS
Dr Anthony M Franklyn 08 91942222 BROOME
Dr Robert A Houston 08 9434 3555 SPEARWOOD
Dr William A Hutchinson 08 9386 3177 DALKEITH
Dr Phillip M Martin 08 9319 8816 EAST FREMANTLE
Dr Allan S Walley 08 9757 2733 MARGARET RIVER
Dr Peter M Nathan 08 9438 2400 PALMYRA
Dr Jennifer Sisson 08 6467 0900 PERTH
Dr David A Storer 08 9447 1233 NORTH BEACH
Dr Frauke Alexander 08 9921 4433 GERALDTON
Dr Eibhlin Scanlon 08 9524 0555 PORT KENNEDY
Dr Moira Somers 08 9444 8977 PERTH
Stephen Hicks 08 9467 5768 CRAWLEY
Elizabeth Anne Ryan 08 9239 0200 FREMANTLE
Kelvin Balakrishnan 08 9249 2033 BALLAJURA
David Holt 08 9239 0200 FREMANTLE
Earnest Mukwevho 08 6174 6000 SUCCESS
Kevin Kok Seng TAN 08 9230 0900 BELMONT
Dr Matthew Atkins 08 9284 0452 PERTH
Dr Christopher Rose 08 9310 4400 WINTHROP