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Lionfish IV Diving


Rottnest Island is without question the premier diving location adjacent to Perth. No other Australian capital city can boast such a stunning recreational facility right on its doorstep. With more than 200 individual dive sites to choose from Rottnest offers pristine diving conditions regardless of weather.

Once underwater the diver can experience massive limestone caverns and tunnels interspersed with meadows of seagrass, sponges and soft corals. Torches are recommended for the Rottnest dives with plenty of soft corals and critters to be seen in the large limestone caves. Warm subtropical currents ensure that the marine environment surrounding Rottnest is one of the richest on earth. The island itself is a rich mosaic of history and culture interspersed with varied recreational activities, to ensure an interesting interlude for even the most jaded traveler. The quiet bays and scenic walks offer something for everyone and after the excitement of the morning diving are charming contrasts. Deep, blue water can be found at the West End of Rottnest Island, although, diving is not always possible due to conditions.

The Boat

Lionfish IV is a 24 meter custom built aluminium vessel designed for dive groups with all of the comforts required for day and evening charters. Lionfish IV runs day and evening charters from Fremantle. Lionfish IV also caters for Social clubs and functions for up to 100 passengers on our Swan River cruises. 

The Lionfish or butterfly cod is a beautiful delicate tropical fish and is the emblem of the Perth Diving Academy. The Academy has owned various charter vessels over the last thirty years, four of which have been called Lionfish. The current vessel, Lionfish IV is no longer owned by PDA (since 2018)  but we are still able to offer dives from this magnificent vessel.

Before divers enter the water a long mermaid line is launched at all dive sites for ease of return and to keep the area clear from other boating traffic. Once the dive is completed 'Lionfish IV' offers hot shower and toilet facilities for personal comfort. It is also comforting to know that if needed, oxygen and a comprehensive first aid kit are also available. Easy water entry/exit is assured via the side doors and the full width dive platform at the rear of the boat.


Because of seasonal weather changes the number of days per week that Rottnest trips are scheduled varies considerably. In December, January and February trips are scheduled most days of the week. For June, July and August only Thursday to Sunday trips are scheduled. Bookings are essential and payment in full is required at time of booking.For up to date information see our Dive Calendar.

Note: dives from Lionfish IV are designed for 'autonomous divers' (that is divers who have a good skill level and are comfortable to dive in buddy pairs).
We do not provide in-water dive guides unless pre-booked and are subject to availability.  A dive guide costs $200 and can take up to 4 divers.
We do provide a comprehensive site brief for each dive to guide you through the features and hazards (if any). 


Trips depart from Fremantle. Latest boarding time is 30 minutes prior to departure. Bookings can be made at either store but will only be taken when accompanied by payment. Over the phone credit card bookings are available. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

  • Rottnest Day Trip $170.00

Lionfish IV departs daily (subject to bookings) for Rottnest Island at 8.30am and returns to the jetty at approximately 3.30pm. Two dives are carried out and lunch is served on the vessel, we do not stop at the island or land on the Rottnest Jetty. A second cylinder for the afternoon dive is included in the price as well as lunch,  morning and afternoon teas. 

Traveling Diver Day Trip $190.00

  • This is a special package designed for visiting divers who are traveling with their own diving equipment except cylinders and weights.
    The cost includes a day out on LionfishIV (2 dives), cylinders, weight belt.
    A second cylinder for the afternoon dive is included in the price as well as lunch,  morning and afternoon teas.

  • I've got Snorkeling Gear, Wetsuit, Weights and a Open Water Certification! (Almost a Diver) Pack $205.00

This is for divers who have none of their own SCUBA equipment but have the rest of the gear. 
The $205 cost  includes 1 day out on LionfishIV with PDA Supplying the Scuba Unit. A second cylinder for the afternoon dive is included in the price as well as lunch,  morning and afternoon teas.

  • (A mumth ago I couldn't even spell Skooba Diver, now I are One !) 
    Head to Toe Pack $245.00

This is a package designed for trained divers who have none of their own diving equipment .
The $245 cost includes 1 day out on LionfishIV , Scuba Unit, 5mm wetsuit, weight belt, Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots. A second cylinder for the afternoon dive is included in the price as well as lunch,  morning and afternoon teas.

  • I don't dive but would love to snorkel/watch $85.00

This is a special package designed for partners/offspring of divers who have no desire to dive but would love to come along anyway. 
The $85 cost includes 1 day out on LionfishIV with  lunch,  morning and afternoon teas.You can bring your own snorkeling gear and have a swim if you like or you can rent some from the Fremantle shop before you go. 


Equipment Hire

If you require hire equipment you will need to book and pay for it at the same time as your dive booking. As always PDA offers the best quality hire equipment to its' clients. PDA hire equipment is replaced every 12 months to ensure you have modern, up to date equipment in excellent working condition.The rate for equipment hire varies from diver to diver depending on what you have of your own. If you own nothing and have to hire all equipment it is $75.00 plus the cost of the dive.

For travelling divers who have everything but did not travel with weights and cylinders the cost is $20 plus the dive cost.

Hire rates for Lionfish IV

SCUBA UNIT (Regulator & Computer, Tank, BCD.)    $35
REGULATOR SET (with computer)    $20
REGULATOR SET (with computer)    $20
WET SUIT(2 piece 5mm, weightbelt & weights)    $20
WEIGHTBELT (with weights)    $10
FINS & BOOTS (Open Heel fins with wetsuit boots)    $10
maximum of 4 divers per guide, must be pre-booked  $400


To book any boat trip call:

PBA Balcatta on 08 9344 1562

PDA Hillarys on  08 9448 6343

Most trips have available spaces up to week prior to departure but during peak summer months the boats may fill weeks earlier.


Phone or email ahead to check availability and  pay for your dive to ensure your boat booking.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Being a commercial operator we reserve the right to cancel a charter if it is not commercially viable or if the weather is unsuitable for our vessel, crew or passengers. 
  • On our Rottnest Day trips we allocate 40 passenger places.
  • We normally will make a decision around 4pm the day prior to departure. On occasion we may cancel the morning of departure if the conditions are borderline.
  • When we cancel a departure you will be offered the chance to reschedule, store credit or refund of monies paid in full.
  • When you book and pay with us we will allocate your required equipment, space on the vessel and arrange the general catering for you on our vessel. 
  • If you wish to cancel, exchange or transfer your trip you must notify us as soon as possible as we WILL NOT refund unless we can refill your reserved place.
  • Once you notify us that you wish to cancel, exchange or transfer we will make your position on the boat available for resale, it will be the next position sold regardless of how many free positions there are on the boat at that time.
  • It is also important that you let us know if you have booked equipment but no longer require it, when you book we take the gear you require out of availability for hire to other customers.
  • If on the day of departure you require more equipment than you booked and paid for, you need to be aware that the equipment may not be available. We will make every effort to get the equipment for you but will not be responsible for failure to supply unbooked equipment. 

When in doubt phone the shop that you booked throughPDA Hillarys or PDA Balcatta