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For details of all our diving you can check out the BOATING menus above or consult our dive planner - originally a printed wall planner designed to be stuck up on the back of an appropriate door for a constant reminder of all the activity at Perth Diving Academy. Hence the name - The Dunny Door Dive Planner. The DDDP was printed and distributed as a wall planner for over 25 years.

With the digital age we have progressed to an online 'live' version. The current DDDP you will view is live and updated via  Google Docs. This means it is always being updated. The DDDP is a great resource for all the information about courses, dive events, and even overseas trips happening at PDA.

To open the DDDP with GOOGLE DOCS

click here

..(To scroll in or out hold CONTROL and zoom with your mouse wheel)...Bookmark it and check it out regularly...