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Key Biscayne Deep Dives

Twice a year Lionfish IV heads up the coast approx. 120km to Lancelin for the weekend to offer dives on the wreck of Key Biscayne. The Key Biscayne wreck lays on the ocean floor at 42m with the top of the wreck starting at around 25 metres. This dive trip is one of the best dive wrecks of the coast of WA and is worthwhile adding to your logbook!

Dive Trips

Over a weekend in April and September we offer double dive day trips to Key Biscayne. The meeting point is the Lancelin jetty. We do not provide transport to Lancelin and you will need to make your own way there. The double dive trip costs $250 excluding hire equipment. You must have a deep dive experience with a Deep Diver certification.

Unlike our regular Rottnest Dive Trips, a second cylinder is not included in the price. You will be required to bring two cylinders or hire them. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided. Bookings are essential and payment in full is required at time of booking.

Our Next scheduled trip is: 29th March 2019 - 1st April 2019

Some of the options available on these trips are:

  • Deep Dives to 42m

  • Nitrox Diving Training

  • Deep Diver Training

Prices and details are subject to change without notice. Please contact your local store to find out the most up to date information.

Hire Equipment

If you require hire equipment you will need to book and pay for it at the same time as your dive booking. As always, PDA offers the best quality hire equipment in excellent working condition. If you require a complete set of hire equipment the rate is $75 per diver. The hire rates can be found below if you require any other equipment:

  • Scuba Unit (BCD, Regulator and Cylinder)   $35
  • Buoyancy Compensator Jacket (BCD)          $15
  • Regulator with computer and compass         $20
  • Cylinder Only                                                 $20
  • Wetsuit and Weight Belt                                $20
  • Weight Belt Only                                            $5
  • Mask and Snorkel                                         $10
  • Boots and Fins                                              $10
  • Mask or Snorkel or Boots or Fins                  $5

All hire gear has to be picked up and organised at either our Balcatta or Hillarys facilities and collected the day before your scheduled dive as we do not have any hire equipment at the departing facility. You will be required to pay a $50 deposit which is refunded after the gear is returned. Please ensure this is organised as we only have a certain amount of hire gear available and cannot guarantee the availability of gear for your trip. It is best to call one of our stores to book hire equipment and make the boat booking at the same time for the most accurate information regarding the trip and availability of hire equipment.

Our Dive Trips

Our professional crew will assist you aboard and give you a short briefing before getting underway. Once at the dive site, our Dive master will give you a thorough briefing on the site so you can pick the best route for your dive. We do not provide in water dive guides. We have a maximum dive time of sixty minutes. The skipper chooses the best dive sites based on the weather conditions, qualifications and experience of the divers on board.

Before divers enter the water a long mermaid line is launched at all dive sites for ease of return and to keep the area clear from other boating traffic. Once the dive is completed Lionfish IV offers hot shower and toilet facilities for personal comfort. It is also comforting to know that if needed, oxygen and a comprehensive first aid kit are also available. Easy water entry/exit is assured via the side doors and the full width dive platform at the rear of the boat.

Cancelation Policy

If the weather conditions are too rough or the boat doesn’t meet the minimum numbers for a trip you will be informed the day prior to departure. Upon booking the staff will advise you on the best day and time suited to the current forecast.  

Being a commercial operator we reserve the right to cancel a charter if it is not commercially viable or if the weather is unsuitable for our vessel, crew or passengers. We normally will make a decision around 4pm the day prior to departure. On occasion, we may cancel the morning of departure if the conditions are borderline. If you wish to cancel, exchange or transfer your trip you must notify us as soon as possible as we WILL NOT refund unless we can refill your reserved place. When we cancel a departure you will be offered the chance to reschedule, store credit or refund of monies paid in full.


PDA Hillarys on 08 9448 6343

PBA Balcatta on 08 9344 1562

Key Biscayne’:
  • a non-propelled self elevating drilling unit (jack up barge),
  • three triangular truss legs (108.8m length). 
  • Four 25 ton deck mounted cranes,
  • 18.2m diameter helipad on starboard side,
  • Accommodation for 95 persons in a four level accommodation block.
  • Double bottom, machinery deck with two longitudinal bulkheads.
The ‘Key Biscayne’ was last seen afloat shortly after 1845 hours Friday 1 September 1983, 10 nautical miles off Ledge Point on the coast of Western Australia. Shortly before that time the tow line to the rig supply vessel ‘Atlas Van Diemen' parted and the standby vessel ‘Argus Guard’, which had been stationed about 5 cables astern, pulled off to starboard to clear the rig as it was running down with the weather. ‘Key Biscayne’ was clearly seen when about 2 cables off the port beam of the standby vessel both visually and by radar.
However, by the time ‘Argus Guard’ completed its turn, the rig was no longer visible and radar contact had been lost.
‘Key Biscayne’ was on voyage under tow by two rig supply vessels ‘Lady Sonia’ and ‘Atlas Van Diemen’ from a location off Darwin to Fremantle for stacking in Cockburn Sound pending its future employment.
The loss of the rig was the combination of a series of events during the final day when tow lines parted and gale force winds, rough seas and heavy swells buffeted the rig. All 52 persons aboard ‘Key Biscayne’ were evacuated by helicopter and were taken to nearby Lancelin township without loss or injury.
The tow line to ‘Lady Sonia’ parted at 0644 hours 1 September and for the next twelve hours ‘Atlas Van Diemen' attempted to hold ‘Key Biscayne’ into the weather and away from the lee shore. Concern for the safety of the crew and of the rig was felt soon after the tow line to the supply vessel ‘Lady Sonia’ had parted. Shortly after 0900 hours the rig transmitted a PAN message seeking assistance. By 0930 hours this message had been converted into a MAYDAY and helicopter assistance was sought to evacuate crew. At 1110 hours the first man was lifted from the helipad and by 1230 hours all non-essential personnel had been evacuated by both RAAF and civilian helicopters. Throughout these operations the rig was wallowing in the heavy seas and swells, rolling and pitching heavily.
During the day it was noticed that the vessel was settling by the stern and listing to starboard, as heavy green seas were continually washing over the main deck. The bow of the rig was seen lifting clear of the seas and the stern immersed as the vessel pitched up to ten degrees forward and about twenty five degrees by the stern. At the same time the rig was rolling up to fifteen degrees each side of the upright. All efforts to reconnect ‘Lady Sonia’ were unsuccessful. At about 1600 hours it was decided that the remaining crew should evacuate before dark and return the next day when conditions were expected to moderate. The drift of the rig toward the shore had been slowed by an anchor and the weight on the tow line. With all line-throwing rockets spent and conditions on deck too hazardous to work no useful purpose was seen in remaining on board. By 1620 hours the remaining crew had been lifted from the rig.
The three support vessels remained in the area during the night. At about  0830 hours Friday 2 September ‘Argus Guard’ recovered a guitar case, life jackets, paper and a trail of debris indicating the location of the sunken rig.

See AJ Barrs video of the 2016 trip.