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PDA Hillarys and Marmion Marine Park


The Marmion Marine Park offers year round temperate water diving. The seas are known as 'seasonal seas' which means there is a constantly changing life cycle on the reef that changes from one season to the next. Diving is possible most year round however the best diving is typically from late Spring through to mid Autumn. Water temperatures range from 22 degrees C down to 18 degrees C and 5mm wetsuits are considered minimum protection for diving here. Constant water movement tends to vary the visibility on a daily basis however viz up to about 20 metres is common in Summer.

For the sports diver, the favorite local past time is Cray fishing. The season runs from November 15 through till June 30. A license is required but is easy to obtain through the fisheries department or local post office. Ask most of the divers that do this for fun and you will find this really is a sport, especially in the marine park as the network of holes and caverns throughout give the crayfish the advantage. A Cray loop is the 'tool' of choice although every diver has his own special technique.

For the photographer and the sightseers then you won't be disappointed. Once again, because of the temperate environment marine life is abundant. From small Nudibranchs the size of your small finger through to the Southern Wright whales and Humpback whales that cruise through the area, there is plenty to look for. Sponges, soft corals and the occasional hard coral are the basis of the decorations of this limestone reef chain but other surprises are usually over the top of every ledge. Every dive site we take you too has something uniquely different and usually some friendly locals.

Our Boat

Our high speed 'cat' can get you to the marine park quickly in comfort. Wildcat is fitted out exclusively for diving and can take 20 in comfort.
During summer we run up to 3 trips per day from Thursday through Sunday.
These 2 hour adventures are the ideal choice for those people wishing to experience the marine park. Our professional crew will assist you aboard; give you a short briefing before getting underway.

Once at the dive site, our Divemaster will give you a thorough briefing on the site so you can pick the best route for your dive.

Dives are up to about an hour in length (depending on depth).

Guides can be arranged with prior arrangements but we do believe you will find the relaxed atmosphere and the easy diving quite comfortable for most levels of diver.


During summer, 'Wildcat' dives are scheduled for Thursday to Sunday and are operated on other days if there is demand. The dives are conducted as single trips departing at 7.00am, 9.30am and 12.30pm on each day. On request, the day trips can be re-scheduled to Rottnest if there is sufficient demand. Bookings are essential and payment in full is required at time of booking.


Single dive trips departing at 7.00am, 9.30am and 12.30pm each day are available at $80.00 per dive.

**SPECIAL** Reduced to $70 per dive 

Bulk purchases of 5 pre-paid dives costs $350.00.

**SPECIAL** Reduced to $300 a dive on a 5 dive pack

Hillarys MultiDiver

PDA Dive Club Members are entitled to a bonus if they present their current membership card at the time of purchasing a 5 dive Multidiver card.

Equipment Hire

If you require hire equipment you will need to book and pay for it at the same time as your dive booking. As always PDA offers the best quality hire equipment to its' clients. PDA hire equipment is replaced every 12 months to ensure you have modern, up to date equipment in excellent working condition.

The rate for equipment hire varies from diver to diver depending on what you have of your own. If you own nothing and have to hire all equipment it is $75.00 plus the cost of the dive. For travelling divers who have everything but did not travel with weights and cylinders the cost is $20 plus the dive cost.

A la carte Hire rates for Wildcat

SCUBA UNIT (Regulator & Computer, Tank, BCD.)    $35
REGULATOR SET (with computer)    $20
REGULATOR SET (with computer)    $20
WET SUIT(2 piece 5mm, weightbelt & weights)    $20
WEIGHTBELT (with weights)    $10
FINS & BOOTS (Open Heel fins with wetsuit boots)    $10


To book any boat trip call:

PDA Hillarys on 08 9448 6343 
PBA Balcatta on 08 9344 1562
Most trips have available spaces up to week prior to departure but during peak summer months the boats may fill weeks earlier. Phone or email ahead to check availability and pay for the dive to ensure your place.

Cancellation Policy:

Being a commercial operator we reserve the right to cancel a charter if it is not commercially viable or if the weather is unsuitable for our vessel, crew or passengers. 
On our Marmion trips we allocate 20 passenger places.
We normally will make a decision around 4pm the day prior to departure. On occasion we may cancel the morning of departure if the conditions are borderline.

When we cancel a departure you will be offered the chance to reschedule, store credit or refund of monies paid in full.

 When you book and pay with us we will allocate your required equipment, space on the vessel and arrange the general catering for you on our vessel. 

If you wish to cancel, exchange or transfer your trip you must notify us as soon as possible as we WILL NOT refund unless we can refill your reserved place.

Once you notify us that you wish to cancel, exchange or transfer we will make your position on the boat available for resale, it will be the next position sold regardless of how many free positions there are on the boat at that time.
It is also important that you let us know if you have booked equipment but no longer require it, when you book we take the gear you require out of availability for hire to other customers.

If on the day of departure you require more equipment than you booked and paid for, you need to be aware that the equipment may not be available. We will make every effort to get the equipment for you but will not be responsible for failure to supply unbooked equipment. 

When in doubt phone the Hillarys shop boat departure point 08 9448 6343