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Cressi Comfort Man 5mm Wetsuit

Cressi Comfort Man 5mm Wetsuit

$599.00 Regular Price
$520.00Sale Price

The suit is made from extraordinary stretch Ultraspan neoprene, for unheard-of exceptional freedom of movement. Now with an 'elastic-span' plush lining for added warmth!

It comes in the men’s and lady's versions.


The 5mm version has a strong YKK zip, complete with the Aquastop system under-zip. The wrist and ankle seals are made using the Aquastop system, which consists of smooth 1.5 mm neoprene seals, coated in Metallite, and the knee, shin and shoulder zones have protective Strata reinforced inserts.


The short-sleeved jacket with incorporated hood is made from 5mm neoprene and zips up to the chin. To limit water seepage, it has a watertight seal around the face. 

Who it is for 

The one-piece is perfect for warm water to moderately cold water complete with watertight zip, also for cold water. The presence of the Metallite seals, the extraordinary stretchiness of the material and the large back opening offered by the vertical zip make it particularly quick and easy to put on and take off. 


Technical features:

- One-piece made from 5 mm double-lined Ultraspan neoprene

- YKK zip with under-zip 

- Strata anti-wear reinforcements on knees, shins and shoulders 

- Aquastop system on wrists and ankles (1.5 mm smooth neoprene Metallite seals) 

- Ultraspan neoprene hood with a watertight seal around face-neck 

- New Elastic-span plush inside

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