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Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf Bundle Powered By SharkShield

Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf Bundle Powered By SharkShield


The FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth, as a seamless shark deterrent solution for surfboards, with no impact on performance. Surf the way you always have – with just a little more freedom.


Powered by Shark Shield Technology, this smart piece of high-tech kit comes with one Transferable Power Module, a Charging Dock with international options, and one Tail Pad / Decal Antenna ready to install on your surfboard. You only ever need one Power Module, so if you have multiple boards – simply buy an extra Tail Pad / Decal Antenna (one per board) and you’re sorted.


This bundle is the Power Module (with 240V charger) and the "Decal" unit that attaches to the board.  The "Decal" unit has an antenna affixed to the bottom of the board and a tail pad which houses the Power Module.


This design allows the same Power Module to be transferred to your other boards by fitting a Decal unit to each board.


This combination is solidly based on the well-proven technology of the Shark Shield FREEDOM 7 - the only scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent system and the only safety device chosen by professional divers in the US and Australian Navies which has become mandated equipment in the Australian Professional Abalone Diving Industry.


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