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TUSA Dive & Snorkel Set 1

TUSA Dive & Snorkel Set 1

$541.00 Regular Price
$335.00Sale Price

Designed for entry-level divers wanting all the comfort of top-end equipment without the price tag.


The top-of-the-range mask is made from crystal silicone, designed to remember it's true shape.

The neoprene mask strap is used for comfortably removing and replacing the mask. 

The snorkel is fully flexible and the mouthpiece is easily replaceable in case it is destroyed during use.


The Liberator fins pass the test of time, and feature one-touch straps for ultimate ease-of-use and are standard on all TUSA fins. 5mm neoprene dive boots offer warmth and protection.


Combine all this into a large drawstring bag.


Package Includes:

1x TUSA Mask (Please specify colour on purchase)

1x TUSA Platina SP-170 Snorkel

1x Pair of TUSA Liberator Fins (SF-5000/5500)

1x Pair of Adrenalin 5mm Dive Boots

1x Neoprene Mask Tamer (PDA Branded)

1x Mesh Carry Bag


We have a huge variety of masks and colours to choose from. 

When picking your mask, please add into the comments the colour of the mask you would like.

Not all masks are available in all colours. You can choose the masks and colours from their corresponding pages below. 

Intega Mask
Freedom HD
Freedom Elite
Freedom One 
Freedom Tri Quest
Freedom Ceos
Freedom Ino 


For an extra cost, you are welcome to upgrade your mask to any of the following, but please give us a call in store so we can let you know prices and availability to prevent order delays:


Visio Pro
Ino Pro
Zensee Pro

Paragon S


*This is classified as a bulky item for shipping

Fin Colour
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