TUSA Soft Gear Pack 1

TUSA Soft Gear Pack 1

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Designed for entry-level divers wanting all the comfort of top-end equipment
without the price tag. The mask is made from crystal silicone which is
designed to remember it’s the true shape. The snorkel mouthpiece is also crystal
silicone. The Liberator fins feature one-touch straps for ultimate ease-of-use
and are standard on all TUSA fins. 5mm neoprene dive boots offer warmth
and protection. Combine all this into a large drawstring bag.


Package Includes:

1x TUSA Liberator Mask (Other Mask Models Available In-Store)

1x TUSA Imprex Hyperdry Snorkel

1x Pair of TUSA Liberator Fins (SF-5000/5500)

1x Pair of Adrenalin 5mm Dive Boots

1x Neoprene Mask Tamer (PDA Branded)

1x Mesh Carry Bag

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