Cressi Speargun Fishing Reel

Cressi Speargun Fishing Reel

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The Cressi Speargun Fishing Reel is a durable, effective reel for Spear Fishing. It's a light and quick reel that will fit to the underside of your Cressi speargun with the dovetail mount. A tightening nut will hold the reel from paying out line and small handle help you reel your catch back in. 


The smooth clutch style drag on the Cressi Fishing Reel can be adjusted for just about any desired tension required, and can be easily adjusted during use through its ergonomic, easily accessible Star adjustment knob.


The Dovetail Mounting System allows the Cressi Fishing Reel to be used with the Cressi Cherokee Ocean, Cherokee Open, Cherokee, Yuma, Comanche Pacific, Comanche Rail, Moicano and Sioux spearguns


The Cressi Fishing Reel is constructed from non-corrosive, durable and impact resistant plastic for years of dependable service. Reel is made in Italy and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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