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$595 - No Hidden Fees

Open Water 20
(Level One)


Required Equipment

Perth Diving Academy will supply you with all of the necessary gear to go diving with for the duration of the course. You are more than welcome to bring any gear you feel will work for SCUBA and we will fill the gaps if there are any! We also have special discounted packages available to buy, as advertised in store...


This highly sought after and quality diving course is designed to train you, with no previous diving experience, in the safe use of SCUBA. 


The Open Water course teaches you to dive, with no-decompression, on air to a maximum depth of 20 meters/66 feet.

With personalised training and 3 day courses, we make sure you are truly comfortable underwater with the skills and equipment that you will use. 

In general, the Open Water dive course consists of 3 parts: Academics, Pool Training and Open Water Sessions.

Step 2 - Academics & Registration 

The Online Training programs are designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. 

Completion of Online study is required prior to practical training sessions.

Go to and register for an account.

*This step is only recommended after you have booked into a practical session to avoid confusion.

When you receive the confirmation email and log back in, make sure you nominate the training facility as PDA Hillarys.

DiveRAID provides a free version of the academics up until the final exam. 

You are welcome to begin the free version, it will all count towards the course.

When you have chosen a date for your course and booked in, we will unlock your final exam as part of your booking fee. You do not need to pay for anything on 

Once unlocked, to access the academics you must go to the Menu on the top right of the screen, choose the heading ‘My Courses’ then

‘Open Water 20’.


Step 3 - Pool Training

Inside FC_8282 Final.jpg

We will train and assess your skills prior to venturing into the sea, in our on-site heated swimming pool. During these pool sessions, we cover basic buoyancy, equalisation, equipment use and many more skills. This is an opportunity for you to put your academic training to the test in a safe and controlled environment.

The pool training is completed over the first two days of the course:

Day 1

AM: Theory assessment

PM: Pool Training

Day 2

AM - Pool Training

PM - Open Water Dives

Step 4 - Open Water Training

We conduct four open water training dives over two days.


The first two dives are on Day 2 and are shore-based, on our House Reef (Hillarys Wall) just a stones throw from our shop front. During this session we will practice some of the surface skills learnt in the pool, as well as mask, regulator and buoyancy skills.


The final two dives for the Open Water are on Day 3, and - as long as the weather permits - from our purpose built dive boat, Wildcat. During these sessions we teach you how to use a compass and then we put all the skills together and dive for fun!

Computer Final.jpg
Snorkel 2_8365 final.jpg

Step 5 - Certification

Upon successfully passing the practical training you will receive a Diver Certification E-card that you can carry on your mobile device.

You can purchase a hard copy the size of a credit card to carry in your wallet at a cost of $20. 


RAID Training Flow Chart.jpg

To be able to complete the Open Water course, you will be required to:

1. Complete your online training course final exams.

2. Complete the Medical Self-Assessment Form on

*Diving medicals are required if 'yes' is given as an answer to one of the questions on the form, please read the full terms and conditions

3. Comfortably complete a 200-meter swim without stopping or touching the sides or bottom of the pool.

4. Complete a 10-minute float, keeping your head above the water at all times.

5. Be a minimum of 15 years old (with a guardian consent form for up to age 18).

*12-14 year-old courses can be run by appointment.

The above is subject to the General Diving Standards of RAID and may change without notice.

Our simple mission is to create safe, enthusiastic divers who always have an enjoyable experience at Perth Diving Academy.

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