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Deep 40 Speciality

From $495 

This specialty is designed to extend your knowledge and skills to allow you to dive to deeper depths safely. It develops the knowledge required to plan, prepare and analyse for your dive to reduce stress and confusion, allowing you to enhance your diving experience.

This specialty can be run for any certified diver who has the equivalent of a RAID Explorer 30 diver certification.


  • The history of deep diving

  • Reasons for deep diving

  • Your personal equipment

  • Specialised equipment for deep diving

  • Physics for deep diving

  • Physiology for deep diving

  • Narcosis tests and how to deal with narcosis

  • Environmental changes, including colour and pressure effects

  • Managing planning procedures for deep diving

  • What you can do to further your knowledge and skill 

Additional Information

  • RAID online e-learning academic presentations, quizzes, exam and practical skills, as detailed to be completed before any in water activity

  • Dive 1 – Planned between 24m and 30m

  • Dive 2 – Planned between 27m and 35m

  • Dive 3 – Planned between 30m and 40m

  • Dive 4 – Planned between 30m and 40m


  • To be a minimum of 15 years old

  • Certified RAID Explorer 30 or equivalent

  • At least 5 hours logged on Open Circuit SCUBA

Cost Breakdown

  • RAID online training (included)

  • Practical Training at Perth Diving Academy $495

  • PDA practical sessions including 4 dives

  • Any equipment hire is additional

Our simple mission is to create safe, enthusiastic divers who always have an enjoyable experience at Perth Diving Academy.