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Tusa Solla Full Foot Fins

Tusa Solla Full Foot Fins

$139.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price

The Tusa Solla Full Foot Fin is the perfect snorkelling accessory for those who like duck-diving, but not too deep!

It has a long fin blade powered by ForcElast technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade fin.

In addition to ForcElast technology, the Solla features TUSA’s patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.) - an optimized three channel crescent shaped blade tip to maximise propulsion.

The fins offer reinforced side-rails and vents to fine tune minor movements.

The soft anatomic foot pocket will enhance comfort whilst maintaining grip. 


PDA reccommendation: If you are between sizes, its better to size down than up, as your feet can shrink in cold water!


*This is classified as a bulky item for shipping 

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