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Cressi Bulk Black Rubber (Per Metre)

Cressi Bulk Black Rubber (Per Metre)


Cressi Black Speargun Rubber is the most durable and longest lasting spearfishing spear gun rubber available. Combining optimum rubber mechanical performance and maximum UV stability.


TIP: Bulk Rubber Storage
To prolong the life of your Speargun rubbers avoid extended exposure to UV light. There is no need to remove the rubbers from your gun just keep your gun stored in a cool, dry, dark place to obtain maximum rubber life. If you wish to store excess supplies of rubber for extended periods, seal the rubber in an airtight container or ziplock bag and keep the rubber in the freezer. Spray your rubbers with silicon spray regularly and after use.


TIP: Gun Size
Gun Size is calculated from the length of the gun's barrel. Rubber sold per metre ONLY.


Available Sizes:

10MM (3/8")

12MM (1/2")

14MM (9/16")

16MM (5/8")

18MM (3/4")

19MM (5/16")

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