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Cressi Maya Womens 5mm One-Piece Wetsuit

Cressi Maya Womens 5mm One-Piece Wetsuit

$539.00 Regular Price
$429.00Sale Price

The Cressi Maya Women’s 5mm Wetsuit is an all-in-one for temperate waters. It’s hood-less, long sleeved and full length pant legs.


This wetsuit is specifically – and beautifully –  designed to suit the female body with paneling and shaping to suit the curves of a woman, and to look great while doing it. It is made with a super stretch neoprene that is 5mm in thickness.


5mm suits are one of the most popular styles when it comes to scuba diving as they give the perfect amount of warmth through winter yet are not too hot for summer. The Cressi Maya suit has a very cool and unique design , including an anatomic shaped neck which means that it’s cut different to every other suit. Basically, it has more shape to it’s neck than other suits. This unique shape prevents the neck getting too tight whilst diving, to where it is uncomfortable to wear – which is where most people struggle.


It has a rear zipper closure with velcro around the neck at the back, and the knees are reinforced for extra durability. The Maya suit is stitched with a light purple cotton, and glued on its seams. This is not only for not comfort but it helps prevent water from getting through the seams, maintain that warmth. Truly, this is a beautiful suit.


The Maya Wetsuit also features a strong rear YKK zipper, which has an aqua stop under the zip. It features a watertight neck thanks to a single-lined neoprene seal.  The legs of the Maya are pre-formed, to fit the shape of your legs better and allow for easier kicking movement, and the legs and sleeves are finished with the simple, and reliable over-locked cuff.


Cressi Maya Women’s 5mm Wetsuit Features

  • 5mm Thickness
  • Anatomic shape neck
  • Rear Zipper
  • Velcro neck closure
  • Glued and Sewn
  • Reinforced Knees
  • Multiple Pannelling for a perfcet fit
  • Provides warmth
  • Stops sunburn & stingers


Confused with the sizes? Please refer to our Size Chart

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