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View Optical Corrective Goggle Strap Kit - Discontinued

View Optical Corrective Goggle Strap Kit - Discontinued


An easy to assemble multi adjustable Parts Kit: requires VC510A Platina Corrective Lens to build complete goggle.

This 5 piece Parts Kit allows you to assemble your own swimming goggle using different nosepieces and strap adjusters to get the goggle perfect for you. Coming with 3 different sized nosepieces, side clips and a silicone strap the VPS500A is a kit designed to suit the VC510A corrective lens, which is purchased separately. Once put together, this kit creates the V500A Platina Swimming Goggle for users who require Optical lenses


The kit can be easily adjusted with interchangeable side clips that are quick and easily released. 


  • Black Only
  • 3 Nose Pieces
  • To Suit the VC510A Corrective Lens: not included
  • Greatly Reduced Assembly Time


Strap: silicone
Side clip and nose bridge: T.P.E.
Strap adjuster: polycarbonate


Important: Requires the purchase of 2 lenses (VC510A) to create a complete goggle

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