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This is a scuba unit provides the ultimate performance with no sacrifice in comfort. If you thought womens BC's were a gimmick, let the Tusa Tina BCD prove you wrong. 


With multiple strap adjustments giving you the ability to adjust the height and position of your integrated weights, this BC fits snug to your curves giving you long lasting comfort in and out of the water.


ScubaLab Testers Choice Winner
TUSA Tina BC was named ScubaLab's Testers Choice in Scuba Diving's May 2019 BC Test.


This Scuba Unit features a ladies fit BCJ with deep padding on shoulders, lumbar and back as well as waist support.


The first stage features a balanced adjustable regulator with anti-freeze system and ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece.

The octopus is lightweight and compact with a high visibility yellow purge cover.

This complete set to get you diving includes a wrist computer - the TUSA DC Solar Link - with air and nitrox mixes available from 21-50% and a deep stop feature. To bring you back safely a built-in compass is included with the air gauge. 



1x TUSA Tina BCJ (BC0403)

1x TUSA RS790 Regulator

1x TUSA Safe Second Stage (SS0007)

1x TUSA Twin Gauge Combo (SCA-270)

1x TUSA IQ-1204 DC-Solar Link Dive Computer


Available in Pink and Black (With a touch of purple)


Click here to see The TUSA Soverin SCUBA Unit -

The same specifications, with a male-fitting BCD.


*This is classified as a bulky item for shipping

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