TUSA Soverin SCUBA Unit

TUSA Soverin SCUBA Unit

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This is a scuba unit provides the ultimate performance with no sacrifice in comfort. It features a BCJ with deep padding on shoulders, lumbar and back as well as waist support. The Octopus is lightweight and compact with a high visibility yellow purge cover. It also features a balanced adjustable regulator with anti-freeze system and ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece. It also features
a triple computer system with air and nitrox mixes available from 21-50% and a deep stop feature. To bring you back safely a built-in compass is included.



1x TUSA Soverin Alpha BCJ (BC0102B)

1x TUSA RS790 Regulator

1x TUSA Safe Second Stage (SS0007)

1x TUSA Element Triple Gauge Combo (SCA-361)


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